i'm gonna toot some horns

this post is a random mashup of people/places/things whose horns i want to toot. okay that sounds really weird but just let me, okay? i think it is the part of me that gets excited about a lot of things. i just want you to be excited with me.

1} have you heard of ekate designs and the orchard art house? erin kate is a super cool girl who makes beautiful jewelry. she's the friend of a friend who lives a few cities away and transformed an outbuilding on her property into an art studio. her wares are really unique and i'm rather smitten with her designs. i visited the orchard art house a few weeks ago and picked up a few gifts as well as a couple of goodies for myself, including these earrings. if you get a chance to go, you will not regret it. if you aren't local, check out her etsy shop!

2} slightly less exciting but immensely practical: aldi. i had my first aldi experience a few weeks ago: no frills, but i left with a ton of food (mostly produce) for like 17 bucks. i heard a rumor they are planning to open one in our city! i might become a regular.

3} ryan stadler photography. he was the second shooter at my sister's wedding and he did a wonderful job. he shoots some on real film, which i find very intriguing. check out his work!

4} friends and family who are wisdom givers and gear lenders for all things baby related. you know who you are. i am borrowing a bumbo, boppy pillow, bouncy chair, play mat, portable baby bed, bassinet, and other gear, which definitely helps with budgeting. i bought this changing table from a gal on craigslist (i didn't really intend to buy a changing table, but it's a long story) and all the baby goodies are collecting in a corner of our room until upstairs is ready. i took this picture a few weeks ago and the collection has grown since then.

may i just take a moment to say how excited i am about this crib bedding my mother-in-law gave me from her stash? she is like a professional deal hunter and found these items for a song.

but honestly, friends and family have answered my random questions, fielded many phone calls, walked through the target aisles with me to help with registering, and even given me a sweet pregnancy care package (complete with a body pillow that i rely on every night, because i am not a natural side sleeper). i love and appreciate you girls very much!

5} last but not least, my husband. he works really hard at his 9 to 5 and comes home and works more——on his business, on our house, on preparing the lesson to lead small group, on being a spiritual leader in our home. he was up until almost midnight on friday working on plumbing. i had a minor meltdown sunday over a waffle stuck in the waffle iron (i pretty much just started weeping) and he knew exactly how to love me in that situation. he's very sweet. and very patient. i am not patient. i'm really excited to parent with him. he is a wonderful blessing.