friday fun: ferns and first flowers

even though tulips and daffodils and other first bloomers have been going for weeks, these are my garden's first official 2012 flowers from a perennial geranium that didn't do super well last year. in fact, i'm not even sure i knew what color the flowers would be until i turned the corner yesterday and saw one blooming. today there are three. loving the purple.

and even though our back fence line is a wild mess of shrubs, vines, and decaying yard waste, i spotted these lovely ferns while mowing the lawn and clipped them for the kitchen.

i'm crossing my fingers that my annabelle hydrangeas and shasta daisies do well this year, because i'd love to have fresh flowers in the house all summer long. if not, i might just keep going back to the ferns, because i'm rather crazy about these pretty fronds.

do you plant flowers that you can cut and bring inside? any recommendations?