a day in the sun

now that the wedding is over, things are settling down a bit. this week i had a chance to tackle some things around the house that i had been putting off.

the early spring has made everything so green, but i knew the lawn wasn't going to mow itself. it felt good to get out yesterday and get it done. and since i was in work clothes, i figured i might as well do some weeding, and wash the siding, and clean off the patio set, and chat with the neighbors. a few times. it was a wonderful april day out in the fresh air!

it is truly delightful to see new green plants pushing their way up. i love how the hosta comes up in little curls.

this last picture excites me very much. last summer, ben's cousin crissy gave me a cutting from her mom's peonies, and they are coming up! i hope they will produce flowers like these in a year or two! wouldn't that be wonderful. :)

enjoy your easter weekend. the Lord is risen!