upstairs reno: demo days

welcome back!

after a few weekends of solid progress, we are officially carpetless upstairs AND my STUDly husband took the pink bathroom down to the STUDs (with help——see below!). there have been a few surprises, both of the good and bad variety.

surprise #1: the hardwood floors under the carpet in the purple room are in terrible shape. we knew there was wood underneath, but we didn't know there would be a huge spot of water damage in the middle of the room with tons of gapping between the planks. i've been taking bids to have the floors repaired and refinished, which would involve a good amount of patching, and it is spen-D. the contractors said it would be cheaper to just replace the whole floor, so i think we'll end up putting down carpet again, which is fine by me for a kid's room (this will be the nursery).

but the question remains: do we tear up the wood or carpet over it? i personally want to tear up the wood and replace any portions of the subfloor that are damaged. that's just my style: do it now because we won't want to do it later!

surprise #2: the tile under the carpet in the blue room looks suspiciously like asbestos tile. my heart just sank when i saw it. there was already a broken piece (eek!) so we sent it and the mastic underneath in for testing.

we just heard back this week that the tile is NOT asbestos, but the mastic contains small amounts of it. the guy we've been working with was very helpful in explaining to me what this means and what exactly might be hazardous. the asbestos in the mastic is only harmful if we rip up the tile and take something abrasive to the mastic to release it as a dust (which we wouldn't do). we were reassured that carpeting over the tile is a very safe option, especially using the existing carpet tacks. when i told our guy that i am pregnant and this is a room kids will eventually sleep in, he said that if he were in the same situation, he would feel very good about carpeting over the tile. that was very helpful. nonetheless, when we sell the house, we must disclose the asbestos in the mastic, so ben and i are going to take bids on having it all removed just to see.

surprise #3: the stair treads and risers are hardwood! this gets an exclamation because it is exciting to me. i was thinking it would just be plywood underneath that nasty carpet.

after a few hours with these tools, i ended up with a few blisters but staple-free stairs.

these will be refinished/painted/a combo of the two. this view is literally the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, so i want to do something special. i'm thinking of a DIY runner . . . something with stripes . . . yes. i think so.

the bathroom yielded no surprises, as far as i know. our friend bert (of bookshelf fame) came over and like a superstar demoed with ben. i am pregnant and not allowed to do such things——even though i do enjoy a good demo day every once in a bit (see this post) my clinic said no way (and with good reason). they have me on a sort of modified rest so i am taking it easy.

my pregnancy-safe contribution was to sweep up and shop-vac afterward. (with a mask on, of course.) i love using the big shop vac. so satisfying.

that's where we stand. and did i mention that i scored a granite vanity top and sink at menards for $57? i did. and i'm very excited about it.

more to come! we move slowly, but we've got a deadline (baby comes in july, Lord willing!) so we will be hustling!