upstairs reno: before


a few weeks ago, we started the demo for our upstairs renovation, and now we are full into the swing of things. yippee! is it bad that i feel so at home when we have a dumpster on our front lawn? yes, we are THOSE people!

here's what we're working with. we have a odd/cool 1.5 story with the half story at the back of the house. it's like a rambler in the front and a two-story in the back. if you think a rambler is all business and a two-story means a party, then i guess that makes our house a mullet.

upstairs consists of two big bedrooms, two big closets, a linen closet, and a full bath. to get things started properly, let's review these shots from february 2009.

blue bedroom:

 yes, there is a framed hole in the door. and it locks from the outside.

pink 60s bathroom:

 i scraped those sticker fish off with a razor blade. i have never taken a bath in that tub and i'm happy to say i never will.

purple room:

i love this window nook and i have big plans for it.

sophie likes to write her name on the ceiling. in pen.

oh, shrek.

come back later this week and i'll show you some progress pics. unfortunately, they don't look too much better than these pictures, but we gotta start somewhere!

p.s. if you want to see some completed projects, check out my before and after tab under the header. i've been updating!