dresser refurb

good morning, lads and lasses!

this is an old project that i finished last year, but if you've been here a while, you know how i roll. i still owe you pictures of our master bath, which we finished in august of 2010, but that's for another day.

ben and i inherited this old dresser from his family's cabin. it's a really fun dresser with a great shape, but unfortunately, the dresser itself wasn't in such great shape. it was plenty sturdy, it just had some finish issues. but i could see past the braces, glasses, and frumpy wardrobe. i knew we could turn her into student council president. vote for summer! i think i will.

i thought about painting her (yes, it's a she) a fun color. yellow? aqua? no, no. i thought it best to stick to neutral since we planned on putting her in our bedroom with the bright red headboard. so i rummaged through our substantial paint stash and came up with a way to do this for free using leftover paint from other projects.

first, i gave her a good vacuum and scrub inside and out. then i left her out to dry and it rained. oops. then like a month went by with her back in the garage so i washed her again.

sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, paint, varnish. or something like that. i reused the old hardware making this (i think?) a free project. the best kind. voila!

she cleans up nice, don't you think? i like her little scalloped skirt. and the paint treatment goes with our bedside tables even though the furniture is different.

we have a very substantial closet attached to our master bath, so we didn't need to use this dresser for clothes. since i cleaned out and organized the linen closet, i can move the bed linens in here and have them that much closer to the bed. i've got jewelry and a temporary mirror up top, but as always, a work in progress.