DIY Wall Art from Paint Chips

when life hands you paint chips…make art.

or at least that is what someone with borderline hoarding tendencies would say. and that person would be me.

i made this from paint samples, because apparently i can't bear to throw them away. kind of the same reasons for this project. hmmm.

but making this diy paint chip art was a motivating factor for finishing the art wall in our living room because it filled an odd gap in my design. i finished the art wall last year, i think? i can't remember. i had the frames assembled on the floor upstairs for a months before i finally went for it and put some nails in the wall.

this art wall was super fun to assemble, in part because it is a collection of found items with a few fun pieces i've purchased over the years. and most of the frames i already owned, i think. here are some close-ups from left to right, and then i'll tell you stories/sources for each piece.

ok. sources.

1. from the cover of a catalog. // 2. a freebie that came with a print ordered from blancucha on etsy. // 3. lemon yellow citrus birds print from sugarloop on etsy. // 4. love candy print in bubblegum from madebygirl. // 5. a pair of toy spy sunglasses (ben's!) mounted on premier prints chipper slub yellow fabric. // 6. a ribbon from the handle of an anne taylor loft bag. // 7. translucent blue birds print from sugarloop on etsy. // 8. diy paint chip art by me. // 9. a freebie notecard that came with prints ordered from sugarloop on etsy. i wrote in "for freedom Christ has set us free!" which is part of galatians 5:1, a favorite verse.

i guess the point of this story is that frame-able stuff is all around. only three of the nine things on that wall are actual art prints i bought. the rest were freebies that came with those prints or found items. so think outside the box and get creative with all the wonderful bits and bobs around the house!

***i must give credit to emily henderson for her ideas and motivational power. do you watch secrets from a stylist on hgtv? i catch episodes online from time to time, and seeing the composition of art in this episode definitely motivated me to stop procrastinating and just put these pictures up in a freeform, sprawling way. love that show!