signing off again

sorry i don't have much for you this week in terms of creative output. just more thoughts and updates:

:: pretty sure i am feeling baby move for the first time as i write this. wow.
:: would you believe we are traveling again? yup, in just a few hours we will be at the airport with a final destination of fresno, california. we'll spend the weekend visiting my grandpa and enjoying the warmer weather (and hopefully, some in-n-out burgers). here's a post from our last visit. i lOVe california (i was born there) and Lord willing, ben and i will get to visit the southern part of the state in april. can't wait!
:: i lied when i said that the first step of our upstairs reno is ripping out carpet. the real first step is clearing out the rooms, closets, bathroom, etc. the rooms are full of old papers, books, magazines, clothes, sewing supplies, random furniture, and other goodies. i spent some time up there this week, and ended up with the first of a few batches of donations, i'm sure.

i'll be back next week! have a wonderful weekend!