back to reality

wow, what a week. we had perfect weather on sanibel island (high 70s/low 80s and mostly sunny every day) and the trip was a blast. what a blessing to be able to take a week away and spend quality time relaxing with family. but as fun as it was, i'm very happy to be home on this monday morning with laundry going and a rare cup of decaf. i'm a homebody and a routine girl. plus, coming back to 30-degree weather doesn't hurt!

this post is just a handful of thoughts and updates.

:: i am 17 weeks along and feeling great. i think yesterday was the first day when i really felt like i was showing——like my tummy looks like a pregnant tummy instead of just a poochy tummy. :)
:: two weeks from today, Lord willing, we will find out if baby is a boy or a girl. i kind of think boy, but i really have no idea.
:: my six-month-old nephew isaac is really cute (and big). most of the pictures i took in florida were of him. the waiters at the restaurants kept asking if maggie wanted food or juice for him, and she kept saying "he's not as old as he looks!"

:: my sister is getting married in less than two months. i'm cohosting a shower for her in a few weeks, and it has been a blast to plan. the shower will be at our house and i'm really excited to start working on the decorations.
:: speaking of our house . . . ben and i have been praying, thinking, and planning, and we have decided to tackle the upstairs renovations before baby comes in july. it will involve minor work to two big bedrooms and a few closets, but a full bathroom reno. yikes. it's now or never, though. first step is tearing up the carpet. stay tuned for more——i hope you like renovation posts!
:: in other news, i'm learning how to coupon. my friend alissa sat down with me for a few hours and showed me the ropes. we use the pocket your dollars method. i'm weaning myself off of my devotion to supertarget and scoring free items along the way, including floss and a few boxes of mac and cheese. and a big tub of baby wipes for 50 cents doesn't hurt, either.

i think that is it for now. until the future!