k + t engagement pictures

good morning!

not long ago, i added some of my pictures to pinterest, and i've noticed a little more blog traffic since then. if you are new here, welcome! :)

ben and i are leaving snowy minnesota to jet off to sunny florida at the end of the week (!), but i've got one quick post before i go. my little sister is getting married in a few months, and this fall i took her and her fiance tyler out for an engagement shoot. (they were really gracious because i pretty much told them i was going to take their engagement photos for them. bossy older sister? perhaps.) they are a wonderful couple and we praise God for bringing tyler into our family. he is such a sweet guy who loves Jesus and my sister very much. he makes her laugh. just look at her face in these shots. and when it rained a little he gave her his shirt to keep her warm and went to get the car to pick us up. awww!

we had a blast. it was a perfectly hazy october day——not too cold, not too sunny, perfect for pictures. we walked along the river, visited the guthrie and its "red wall," and then ventured across the river to st. anthony main. here are some of my favorites!

signing off!