a week off

hello, faithful blog readers!

here it is, sunday night, and i haven't blogged any of my pictures from last week. it was a busy one full of good things. here are just a few of them.

capture2011 :: no. 216 :: 10.31.2011 :: our first halloween

well, our first halloween handing out candy at our not-so-new house. the last two years we've been at evening church. i'm rather back and forth about halloween, but i decided to hand out candy in an effort to meet the neighborhood kids. i tried to buy candy that wouldn't tempt me too much, but as you can see above, we pretty much ate all the dots before the night even started. :)

 capture2011 :: no. 217 :: 11.3.2011 :: afternoon walk

i've been doing a ton of reading research, so i went for a mid-afternoon walk to stretch my legs. again, experimenting with wide apertures, and realizing that leaves on the forest floor all become the same kind of purple-gray color. which i actually really like.

 capture2011 :: no. 218 :: 11.4.2011 :: favorite things party

this weekend, my small group friend cindy and i hosted a favorite things party together. have you ever been to one? each guest brings five of a favorite thing (we went with items from $3 to $6), and through a method of drawing names each guest gives away their things and leaves with five new things brought by five different people. i brought bar keepers friend. seriously: run to menards (or williams-sonoma if you are fancy!) and pick up a can. it is my favorite favorite favorite cleaning supply. magic really.

 capture2011 :: no. 219 :: 11.4.2011 :: keeping up

ben and i babysat hannah on friday night. she is so fun and busy and loves to move around a lot. baby sister's due date is just a few weeks away!

 capture2011 :: no. 220 :: 11.4.2011 :: story time

just one big smile from me. so sweet.