a night on the town

capture2011 :: no. 222 :: 11.11.2011 :: bach

some friends couldn't use their tickets to the saint paul chamber orchestra for last night, so they generously offered them to us. it was a smaller group of musicians (is that what a concerto is? i have no idea), but there was a harpsichord, violins, violas, a "violino piccolo" (new to me), cellos, and a bass. some songs included flutes, oboes, a bassoon, and french horns. the music was really lovely. the concert was fun, but i think we realized that we are not very cultured. i like action movies. a lot.

p.s. new bond for fall 2012? yeeehaaaw!

capture2011 :: no. 223 :: 11.11.2011 :: gussied up and making faces

i think we (i) also realized that we are not as young as we used to be. we dressed up a bit and intended to go out for dessert afterward. but after the show ended at the late hour of 10pm, we opted to get our caffe latte to go. i know i at least was too tired to stay out late. actually, half my dessert is still in the fridge, so i'm gonna go polish off that sucker. happy saturday! hope you are having a fun weekend!