it's the holiday season!

capture2011 :: no. 233 :: 11.24.2011 :: thanksgiving table

we spent the day at my parents' house, and it was a wonderful time. so, so, so much to thank God for. "grace upon grace."

capture2011 :: no. 234 :: 11.26.2011 :: i'm in here!

can you find me? ;)

capture2011 :: no. 235 :: 11.26.2011 :: ornamental

we have a small, fake, crooked Christmas tree that i decorated on friday. ben's parents and my parents were really good about saving all our homemade ornaments and labeling them with years (some of them have pictures, too), and i got really nostalgic as i pulled out popsicle-stick snowmen and reindeer made from clothespins. those trees with matching ornaments in only one or two colors are so beautiful, but i like our patchy tree decorated with homey, sentimental ornaments. ben does, too.