capture2011 :: no. 232 :: 11.23.11 :: sugar and spice

i am a pumpkin pie junkie, and i am very ritualistic about my thanksgiving pumpkin pie fix. maybe i'm a bit over the top, but i know what i like. don't we all?

first, pumpkin pie must be made with libby's canned pumpkin and the recipe from the can. and no substituting pumpkin pie spice for the mixture of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. i infinitely prefer this recipe to pies made from fresh pumpkin or from baker's square (although theirs isn't bad). clearly, i have a very refined palate. ;)

i double the recipe and pour it into two pillsbury deep-dish pie crusts. there is usually a bit left over to pour into a tiny casserole and bake along with the pies, which means i can have a little dish of pumpkin pie filling all to myself. ben thinks i am crazy. i think i'm in heaven.

finally, pumpkin pie must be served cold. this is non-negotiable. whipped cream, reddi-wip, or cool whip are also highly recommended, but i don't discriminate there.

what are your thanksgiving food rituals?