weekend chores

did you have a good weekend? ours was filled with friends, some yard work, a photography endeavor (more on that later!), and a few sports games. we've been pretty sucked in by the world series!

my last three images for the week were all taken yesterday. kaylee lent me her nifty fifty, which i used for all these shots. i've never shot with such a wide aperture. i like!

capture2011 :: no. 208 :: 10.23.2011 :: pole + saw + ladder

= tree trimming extravaganza. it's amazing how much more open our yard looks with the low-hanging branches gone!

capture2011 :: no. 209 :: 10.23.2011 :: the lopper

this was my tool of choice. ben did the heavy cutting and i trimmed off the small branches. lopping is incredibly satisfying. it's strange.

capture2011 :: no. 210 :: 10.23.2011 :: blurry boy

this is what f/1.8 looks like——and no. 209. i put a vintage filter on this one.

well, i am going to make a cup of decaf, eat a piece of this, and watch the ball game. happy sunday, everyone!