an ode to vern

ben (my beloved "vern") turned 28 on monday. so while this is a little late, it is no less heartfelt. here we go.

oh, vernie, how i love thee. let me count thy ways:

i love that you try so hard to make me laugh.

dancing outside the window while i do the dishes and you clear the driveway . . .

putting mascara on your mustache to look as seedy as humanly possible . . . 

 wedding day antics . . .

and other general tomfoolery.

i love and appreciate your willingness to be tech support (for me and many others).

you look really good behind the boat. even when you fall.

and of course, you look good while driving the boat.

sometimes, you explore with me and get a little emo. just a little.

you love all your nieces and nephews.

 you love Jesus. and you love me.

happy belated birthday!