so easy to get behind

it was almost 6pm on saturday, and i still needed to take three pictures for the week. why do i procrastinate so?

at the time, we were at ben's parents' property dropping off a borrowed truck and some yard supplies. we weren't in a hurry, so we explored a bit. ben grew up on that farm and spent countless hours doing chores and playing in the woods around the house. plus, we got married right in the backyard overlooking the pond. it is a special place. ben showed me some of the trees he used to climb and we saw lots of antique farm equipment that his dad has collected.

i didn't have my slr, but ben had his phone in his pocket, which pinch hit for me so that i could meet my goal for the week.

capture2011 :: no. 73 :: 9.3.11 :: nostalgia

capture2011 :: no. 74 :: 9.3.11 :: the garden shed

capture2011 :: no. 75 :: 9.3.11 :: tree down

i should have had ben in the picture for scale. this huge tree was rotted through and fell over. is it weird that i think tree stumps are interesting? maybe it is just because i am anxious for my plants to grow, but i wonder how long it took for that tree to grow so big. years and years and years. remember learning to count the rings in elementary school to learn the tree's age?