shopping with the girls

yesterday, my mom, sister, and i took a little shopping trip to the nicollet mall. it was a cool, crisp day and it was so sweet to catch up with them over shopping, lunch, and farmers market-ing. we even ran into a few friends who were attending the desiring God national conference at the convention center nearby.

capture2011 :: no. 188 :: 9.24.11 :: the posse

lovely ladies. and so stylish!

capture2011 :: no. 189 :: 9.24.11 :: free toilets

apparently taking a picture of a public bathroom is not beneath me——especially when it looks like this one at macy's. what colors! what amazing marble tile! and all in great shape. very deco, very cool. there was even text etched into the marble that said "free toilets." was it a common practice in years past to have to pay for the restroom?

capture2011 :: no. 190 :: 9.24.11 :: nature's bounty

i like the purple/white/purple/white pattern going on here. a little hometown football pride? too bad the vikings just blew a lead and lost. again.

on a side note: i realize i haven't posted anything other than capture2011 shots in a long time. if you like this blog for home projects, stay tuned! i finished a few things recently (and not so recently) that i can share. thanks for sticking around!