capture2011 :: no. 193 :: 9.28.11 :: note to self

weed before september 28 next year——especially if those weeds include little maple trees growing through the rocks!

and while we are talking about those maples . . . as i was clawing, digging, and yanking up those persistent roots, i thought of so many biblical parallels to sin. those roots were strong, twisted, and deep, just like the roots of sin in my heart. and even though i had passed by those weeds behind our house so many times, i kept on thinking "i'll pull them out later." well, waiting meant that those weeds just had time to grow deeper. so as i weeded yesterday, i prayed that God would open my eyes to see my sin and deal with it now, instead of letting it grab a tighter hold in my life and become harder to deal with later. i attended a funeral this week for a high school friend who passed away, and one of the speakers reminded me that Jesus died so that my mind would be renewed. i am so thankful for a God and Savior who changes hearts, minds, and lives.