the yard bug

i think i have been officially bitten. i never thought i would really like working on the yard. i imagined i would just do as little as possible to make our landscaping look decent and then move on. but after spending some time outside getting my hands in the dirt, i'm realizing that it can be a lot of fun.

one of my goals for the second half of the summer is to get the beds in the front of the house in order. that means two things: tearing out what is there and then putting good stuff back in.

since we bought the house, we've replaced the siding, windows, roof, and front door. 

and to rip out the brick, our contractors cut off the bushes at the root, leaving the stumps. the front beds also have rock in them. so we've been working on getting out the rock and the stumps. our house is extremely long with a side-loading garage, so there is a lot of rock. it has been a slow, slow process to dig it out, and i took beki's advice and hired someone from craigslist to come do the last bit for us. it is the last 20 feet or so, and he's coming on wednesday. can't wait!

as you can see, we replaced the white masonite with gray vinyl siding. but, the contractors left in a few rows of the old brick at the very bottom to meet code. you might think i'm crazy, but that brick really bothers me. it is like a remnant of the old that i just can't stand. so i've been painting it. i think the beds will probably be high enough to cover it, but just in case they don't, i'm priming and painting it to match the siding.

i'm not sure what to do with the built-in planter. we didn't rip it out because we didn't know what was beneath it and it might look worse with it gone. i think i will paint it for now and maybe reface it later. who knows.

even though i like painting, the really fun part has been researching plants. i've spent a lot of time at cobblestone gardens looking and talking with one of their landscape designers. i'm trying my best to do this alone, in part because i like it and in part to save money. i have been graciously offered so many great perennials from friends and family, so i think we'll be able to do this on a low budget. we'll be putting in simple, hardy plants because the house faces full west and gets scorching in the afternoon. so no hosta here! :)

don't worry, our mailbox is okay. i just blurred the house numbers.

things are definitely getting better.