haulin' dirt

yes, that is what we did yesterday——we put the black dirt in our front landscaping beds! yippee! so my last three pictures from the week were taken by hands that had a lot of dirt underneath the fingernails. :)

capture2011 :: no. 168 :: 8.27.2011 :: the modern-day farm boy

armed and ready with smartphone in hand.

capture2011 :: no. 169 :: 8.27.2011 :: a yard of dirt

we borrowed a truck from ben's uncle, drove to ben's parents' house, used the skid steer to fill 'er up with black dirt (ben even gave me a ride in the bucket), and then drove up to our house to unload. three trips back and forth gave us enough dirt, and a little left over.

capture2011 :: no. 170 :: 8.27.2011 :: self-portrait

because sometimes i get bored in the car. and sometimes i run out of ideas.

we finished just in time to shower and hustle up to lake calhoun, where our church small group met for a little potluck picnic. it was a perfect, perfect late summer evening——cool and clear.

hope you are enjoying this weekend——the last of august!