yup. my blog has a new look. i accidentally deleted my blog header a few weeks ago, which set in motion an entire blog changeup today between loads of laundry. in researching how to add tabs, i realized that blogger has made it a lot easier to customize their blogs. so if you want to fiddle with yours, just head to design/template designer and go at it. in fact, i might keep fiddling. that's what i do. because right now it is strange to me that i have a photoless header. we'll see if that changes.

as for the text, i gave in to courier new. it's been my favorite since high school. (i used it to make my papers seem longer. i thought i was fooling my teachers. and i turned out to be an english major. what?) anyways, it is an old-fashioned yet hip font. i like.

and p.s. the tabs up top don't lead anywhere good. yet.