capture2011 :: no. 146 :: 7.25.11 :: pillow #1

part of the living room design plan is for a better color scheme to brighten up our ho-hum brown couch and chair. i'm taking out all the green that is currently in the room, including the green pillows. i sewed this new pillow cover yesterday (with a zipper if i want to swap it out later). it was pretty much a freebie, because i already had the pillow form from an old pillow and the fabric is left over from this roman shade. i just had to buy the zipper, which was like a dollar at joann's with a coupon. score!

here are the instructions i used (clipped ages ago in evernote for when the day would come!). and on a side note, ben said the way i fluffed the pillow looked like rabbit ears or the "m in mugatu." :)