catching up on capture2011

i'm almost halfway through my capture2011 pictures, and lack of motivation is definitely setting in. i haven't been pushing myself to try new things, i admit. if "photographer's block" exists, i've got it. of course this was bound to happen, but i'll just keep going and hope motivation hits again.

yesterday, i needed three pictures to get to five for the week. instead of three back-to-back posts, i'm putting them all here. they all tell the story of how we spent our sunny saturday—shoveling the rocks out of our front beds so we can do some landscaping! woohoo!

no. 108 :: 6.4.11 :: pumped up

ben and i have done our fair share of physical labor when it comes our home. we have a few favorite "demo bands," and stone temple pilots is one of them. we listened to stp as we drove to get tools and the horse trailer from my parents-in-law.

no. 109 :: 6.4.11 :: sven

while down at the farm, we visited sven and the other horses. i love his bangs. horses are really beautiful creatures—they scare me a little bit.

no. 110 :: 6.4.11 :: the nitty gritty

this is what we worked on: digging out bush roots, matted brush, and rocks so we can start fresh. we spent most of the day loading the rocks into the horse trailer, and then we brought it back to the farm and dumped the rocks. i'd say we are slightly more than halfway done, and boy, are we sore this morning. but the day's work was so satisfying that we were both happy as clams last night—we ate some gluten-free pizza from nick n willy's and went to see a movie. it was a truly wonderful saturday, and we are excited to rest today!