amy vs. the cement patio: round 1

fight! (street fighter, anyone? anyone?!)

this is our third summer in this house, and we are just now beginning to tackle some outdoor projects. we're slow, okay?

one of the things that has been on my list for a loooooonnnng time is to scrape the cement patio. what the heck am i talking about? this!

ohmygoodness what is that? it is carpet adhesive. strong, sticky carpet adhesive. and why is the carpet adhesive there, you might ask? who puts carpet on a cement pad? oh reader, you just ask the best questions. i'll show you.

lovely astroturf carpet. mmmm. beautiful.

i'm just going to tell you right now that round 1 definitely goes to the patio. i lost in a big way. i thought i could tag team it with this stuff. it has "easy" on the label. lies! all lies!

i spent the better part of a day scraping, scraping, scraping. sometimes down on my hands and knees with a putty knife. my heart was sinking as i realized this was going to take much, much longer than i had planned. i can't complain too much, though. neighbors came over to chat. and i love when that happens. and i got to be outside (this was a few weeks ago before it really started to get nice out). and i have a body that can work. these are all good things.

so even though at the end of the day the cement patio didn't look so great, that's okay. i'll come back for a round 2 eventually. and when it is nice and clean, maybe we'll have a dance party. a cement patio just begs for a dance party.

over and out! happy monday, everyone!