before and after: the half bath

hello, friends!

well, the completion of the art for the half bath means that it is time for a full-on before and after post. here it is!

this tiny space is hard to photograph! the bathroom is literally three feet wide—pretty close to the smallest code will allow.

this room wasn't always a bathroom. no no. it used to be a dining room connected to the kitchen. it also had a big french door to the nasty screen porch that we demolished.

those are HEARTS carved into that bench. oh yes.

our home has an attached garage. score! BUT . . . at the time of purchase, there was no door from the garage to the house. seriously. so we converted this dining room into a mudroom and cut a door to the garage. we added a closet and an attached half bath. confused? these will help:

when we bought the house:

the house as of last winter (ignore the entire left side of this—no longer current!):

see that door to the garage? and see that tiny half bath? yes! let's sprint through the "during" photos. on your mark!

framing. note the pocket door! very handy for small spaces.

drywall installed by ben + friends!

 custom art from my favorite artist, beth!

we learned to tile. 'twas messy and fun!

and here we are now:

[maybe it is just me who notices this in the top picture—no, we did not install a curved ceiling! the mirror is a bit wavy.]

not much "decorating" going on here, because it is just so small. but it is exactly what we need and we are really glad we added it! we considered putting the washer and dryer in the mudroom but opted for the bathroom instead. this is proving to be a very good decision.

and to those of you who have used this tiny half bath, great news! ben oiled the squeaky pocket door, so now your use of the bathroom will no longer be announced to the entire neighborhood.