me and my "brother"

let me start by saying: my sewing machine is a brother.

and let me next say that i never intended for the photo posts to take over the blog, but that is certainly what happened, isn't it? so here's a non capture2011 post for those who want it.

i went to a baby shower on sunday, and i really wanted to give the honoree something handmade. i love making gifts for people, and since i was giving her baby shampoo, rash cream, and other necessities, i wanted her to have something soft, too.

the wheels started turning. at Christmas, my mother-in-law gave me ben's old stocking. i saw that it had this appliqued airplane on it. my first thought was, "i could totally do that!"

so i gave it the old college try. i found a plain gray onesie at target, bought some iron-on adhesive, and rummaged through my fabric scraps for something fun. i'm so happy with how it turned out.

i just freehanded the heart (using the elementary-school fold-in-half method). i like the texture of the fabric, and i asked crystal if she wouldn't mind that her daughter wears blue. :)

i was feeling extra crafty, and i love a project that allows me to use fabric scraps instead of tossing them, so i sewed up a card, too. it's a butterfly in case you can't tell.

at the actual shower, as we passed around the gifts, i kept getting more ideas for handmade, baby-related goodness. this is great, because there will be many, many showers this year!