ben gave me aperture for Christmas. he first gave me this training book and told me that once i read it, we can buy aperture. the next package was this huge box. when i opened it, it was filled with books and another box. inside was the aperture software. he knows me and my peeking habits so well. :)

i took this photo last summer and fiddled with it in aperture. oh, green plants . . . so far away!

that great tool makes my photo project for 2011 so much easier. i love our canon 50d and i'm making a goal for myself in 2011: to create a photo collection of quiet, everyday things for what i'm calling capture2011. i plan to post five each week. i was definitely inspired by the gals at the girltalk blog and their 52home project. they put it best here. here's why i want to do this, too:

1. taking photos and thinking creatively helps me notice, consider, and praise God for his own utter creativity in things both great and small. God is into details.
2. i want to improve my photography and photo editing.
3. i want to make sure i'm using the camera and software we bought!
4. i don't journal through writing, but journaling through photography will be a special way to celebrate the small happenings of the year.

so, if my math is correct, i should end up with 260 photos at the end of 2011. i hope to start a flickr account to put them all in one place. can't wait to see what i end up with at the end of the year!