in the land of olive groves

we just got home from our california adventure a few hours ago. although we had a great time, it is always good to be home!

my grandpa is an amazing man. he's a tinkerer, a machinist, an engineer, a welder . . . he doesn't fit into a category. i took some pictures around his shop, and i'll share those in another post. he lives in the san joaquin valley, a really beautiful area that provided many opportunities for picture taking.

up until a few months ago, he owned an olive grove, but he recently sold it to a friend of his. we still were able to visit it on monday morning. here we go!

ben and grandpa bonding over a love of tractors and machines!

of course. :)

this picture looks like lord of the rings to me and ben.

hannah rides with the guys!

see that green stuff? that's mistletoe. it's a parasite. not so romantic, huh?

my mom pointed out that she can see why Jesus went to the mount of olives to pray and to be alone. olive trees grow full and dense and a grove is a private place.

hannah was so good! love that hat.

i took hundreds of pictures, so i'll share some more later this week. thanks for reading!