in Christ alone

merry Christmas!

a few weeks ago, my parents gave us a book named come thou long-expected Jesus—a collection of advent readings. yesterday's reading reminded me that Jesus "tabernacled" with us. he is the "place" where we now commune with God. and Christ Jesus was born a martyr—He came to die. Christmas points to the cross. it was a beautiful reading and helped me remember the weight of what we celebrate this time of year.

our day was filled to the brim with blessing upon blessing. we were able to spend the day with both our families, and it was such a treat. i hope your day was blessed, too!

well, folks, even though it is only 8 p.m., we've got a 6 a.m. flight to catch, which means we're off to bed. we're flying to fresno, california, to visit my grandpa. i hope to share some news from the road, but if not, until the future!