Christmas light date night 2010

hello all! just one week 'til Christmas! :)

last night, ben and i had a date night to eat some pizza, drink some hot beverages, and see some Christmas lights. first, we visited beek's pizza, anxious for some pepperoni deliciousness. this is the THIRD time we've gone to a pizza place and discovered it is take-out or delivery only! you think we'd learn to check the web site ahead of time. :) well, we put in our order, walked across the street to kowalski's for paper plates and napkins, and had a delicious meal in ben's car.

we then proceeded to a special street in a nearby city that shares a name with me (not my real name but one of my many nicknames). with caribou in hand, we drove the streets looking at Christmas lights—but, i admit, i think we did more looking at the actual houses. gorgeous!

all photos have been blurred to protect the innocent! :) :)

it was a great time. we've done this a few times in the past years and it is just one of those fun, low-key, ben-and-amy traditions that i love so much. 

tonight we are going to my parents' Christmas party and tomorrow we celebrate Christmas with ben's family. should be a wonderful weekend.