a beautiful day

another wonderful Christmas celebration at bethlehem! it is one of my favorite days of the year. kristen and i braved the winter storm to set up our table on friday night (and grab a quick dinner at the good earth afterward! delish.).

you can see our table from last year here. this year, kristen got things rolling with those beautiful blue chargers and the rest came together from there. it's great to team up with her. she's a really gracious table host. very calm under pressure. but the lunch was great—the musical program is always Christ-exalting and creatively done. i like that we get to sing along to some of the carols. such rich theology.

on a side note, my poor canon powershot sd400 is on its deathbed, i believe. but it has served me well for five years (i think it was my college graduation gift)! now it sells used on amazon for 45 bucks. funny. as things currently stand, i would like to find a smaller lens (possibly non-zoom, like this bad boy?) for my canon 50d and a more streamlined bag (that is not too girly, because ben uses it, even though this bag is fabulous!). i'd love to be able to carry it with me more often. but these things are so expensive. plus, i'm slow to make decisions so i gotta save up and mull it over.

after the lunch me, kristen, and my mom headed over to the nicollet mall for some christmas shopping. it's really fun to be downtown around the holidays. it feels a bit old fashioned somehow. man, i miss marshall field's. kristen and i used to go to their eighth floor christmas display each year on a sister date. now i think macy's just repeats the "day in the life of an elf" display every year. quite disappointing.

we capped off the day with a pizza and casino royale viewing at kristen's apartment with a scattering of friends. i think kaylee said it felt a bit like college, and she was right! what a fun day with family and friends celebrating the Christmas season. Christ is why we have Christmas. what a beautiful Savior.