at the dairy farm

my grandpa is a social butterfly. he knows a lot people in his town and likes to take us on field trips. in the past, we've been to a cricket farm and a training center where golden retrievers are taught to be assist dogs for people with disabilities. but this time, he brought us to a dairy farm.

i need to start with the story of how my grandpa met the owner of the dairy, rob, who is a dutchman just like ben. he is also a Christian and incredibly kind. rob restores old farm equipment. he got his hands on a feed trailer my grandpa built in 1963. he figured it had about a million miles on it. to finish the restoration, rob wanted a "miller built" sign that my grandpa (whose last name is miller) put on all his machines. so he gave my grandpa a call to see if he could have one, and thus began a beautiful friendship.

 my grandpa's sign: "miller built"

the feed trailer my grandpa built in the 1960s. it was huge!

i think it is super cool. anyway, rob showed us around the dairy. did i mention it had 9,000 cows that are milked twice a day? you might be wondering how this is possible. answer: the wheel. cows enter a spot in the wheel and are electronically milked as they go around. the machines monitor the milk and production to make sure everything is okay. then the cows exit back into their holding pens to wait for the next milking. so amazing!

all sorts of cool things happened at this dairy. because the milk is used primarily for cheese, it goes through a filter that removes the water. that water is then reused for the cows to drink, etc. also, through some complicated process i do not understand (but i'm pretty sure my brother did), the manure from the cows was transformed into fuel that could power a truck. yes, that is right. here's an article for those who are interested.

and of course, we got to see the babies, too. they were being fed.

and a shot of hannah and lauren for good measure.

i think i have enough pictures for two more california posts: the orange grove and my grandpa's shop.

thanks for reading! happy new year's eve!