me vs. the knobs

howdy and happy sunday morning to you all!

i've been working on painting some side tables/dressers for our bedroom. they are these from ikea.

i am about to put on the clear coats, then they will be finished. finally. next i have a dining table to tackle and a door to paint . . . but one thing at a time.

moving on, i want to share a triumph! or maybe two. the knobs that came with the dressers are kind of ugly, but i had leftover paint from other projects so i thought i'd try painting them before buying replacements.

first of all: painting knobs? how can you paint something you have to hold in your hand? grrr . . . well, the wheels started turning (scary, i know). i tried sticking the screws through the top of a cardboard box lid. then i screwed on the knobs. i could reach beneath and turn the screw to turn the knobs and voila! it worked. no need to touch the knobs.

okay, that was the first triumph. i know, i'm easily pleased. and here's the second: although it is not perfect, this is my FIRST acceptable full-manual photo!

probably could have increased the aperture a bit, the shadows are a bit funny, and the color of the knobs doesn't look true, but i'm happy with it. judo chop!