the days of crafting

hello all! happy weekend!

last night, i went to the bethlehem craft boutique. what a blast! i was hoping to accomplish a great deal of Christmas shopping, and boy, did i ever. of course, i can't post any shots of what i bought for others, but i did buy one little treat for myself, from the table of the lovely liz minnie! it's a cute little button to wear on sweaters, coats, or even a hat.

two years ago, i had a table at the boutique. oh, how different those days were. :) that was right before we bought our home, and i was dying, dying for some type of creative outlet. i was reading tons of craft and design blogs and longing to try/tweak what i was taking in. i was bursting! i was also just starting to take an interest in interior design, but we were living in a rental, and i could only go so far in terms of decorating. so i set up an etsy shop for my crafting experiments, and had 13 online sales! it was such a triumph. 

when we bought the house, things really changed. i didn't have much time for small creative endeavors, but that was okay, because we were designing and remodeling a home! we were not only picking out paint colors, but tile, light fixtures, faucets, doors, and even choosing where walls/sinks/cabinets/showers/toilets would go. i still go to bed thinking and dreaming about ways to decorate and furnish our home, but last night's craft boutique made me want to pull out my sewing machine and make all sorts of little crafty things, too. i don't have as much time for crafting, but i am planning to make a few of the Christmas gifts i'll give this year. there's just something really special about a handmade present.

speaking of decorating, i'm off to apply the last coat of polyurethane on some dressers i started, oh, a month ago! stay tuned.