sunday baking

do you like to bake? when do you do your baking?

sunday afternoons are the perfect time in our household. no rush. i can slow down and enjoy the ritual of pulling out all the ingredients and lining them up on the counter. while the goodies are baking i tidy up the kitchen. it's a routine i really enjoy.

when ben and i were dating, we sometimes baked together at his house on sundays. one of our favorites was krusteaz's cinnamon crumb cake. there was a step that ben always did—swirling together the batter with the cinnamon mix. the instructions told to take a knife and make ten circles in the pan. something about ben's diligence in counting out the ten circles and making sure they were different sizes always made me smile. :)

i'm crazy—absolutely—about pumpkin. as fall is in full swing, today i made pumpkin bread. love the smell. it made for a great afternoon snack with a spot o' tea.