junk bonanza art

remember when maggie and i went to the junk bonanza? i bought a few flashcards to frame. what do you know? i got around to framing them . . . and not even a month later! booya!

[okay, the circumstances surrounding the spontaneous framing were that i had brought home some work to do . . . and, well, i was kind of avoiding it. some things never change.]

here it is!

okay, here's the play by play.

i found the flashcards in a huge pile at the junk bonanza. $2.50 each. i sorted through tons of words, pulling out nouns and verbs and adjectives and pronouns to find something that made sense. [some of the flashcards said things like "run, alice, run!" or "see jack jump."] i told maggie that i was going to be there awhile . . . i was having an emo moment.

i was so happy to come up with "thank Him every morning." it kind of just happened. one of the flashcards is a different font. oh well. i wanted to frame them and put them in the bathroom. something to see every day.

[also, the flashcards have two sides—one side has the word with a capital letter. that worked really well for this!] 

the flashcards have been on the floor next to my bed since the bonanza. i remembered that i had an old frame, mat, and print from when we lived in the condo. it is black—that would work. what if it was the right size?

it wasn't the right size. the flashcards were too wide for the mat, and i didn't want to put them underneath it. i liked their rounded edges. plus, all that white was boring. [gasp! did i just say that?] so i flipped the print over to see what it would look like if i put the flashcards over the print. why not?

interesting, at least. wasn't sure if i liked it. but at that point, it was all stuff i already had. it would work for a while, right?

i wondered what ben would think. he liked it. i think the word "eclectic" was even used. that sold me. it's staying—just like it is. ten bucks—not bad at all. :)

p.s. our bathroom is not gray. it's blue.