i'm still here!

the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. here are the highlights:

*i have consumed so much coffee it is rather ridiculous (yes, this is a highlight, silly!). to top it off, i just subscribed to the gevalia kaffee at home club. free coffeemaker. great dark roasts. delish.

*i've been working. a lot. this is an area in which God is continually teaching me . . . about perseverance, integrity, being a good steward of time. being a good employee. being a good wife.

*ben had a birthday! twenty-seven years old. i am so blessed to be married to him. i won't get all gushy here but i am so crazy about my beloved vernon!

i gave him a few practical things and then a cover for his kindle [he loves his kindle, by the way, and if you are waffling about which e-reader to buy i'm sure he'd love to share his thoughts and research with you.] is that agatha christie???

*we hung window treatments. more on that later.

*we hosted our first small group! it was on tuesday night. it was a wonderful time, a great group, and i am so excited to see what God will do as we study the old testament. we are praying for more people to join.

*i unsubscribed from about 30 blogs. this could be a post all of its own, but let's just say i've returned to a healthier state of mind.

um, i'm sure there are a million more things but i've got to go finish that coffee, run some errands, and build an index! until the future!