weekend update

i love that you guys speak up when i haven't posted in a while. thank you, readers, for following my blog. i always like to hear your feedback.

as my sister commented, no—i haven't posted many shots of the master. the past few weeks have found me in a bit of a slump on the house work. but i've had some great coffee/breakfast dates, gone to the state fair with friends, attended an family reunion/cabin day, and spent some time with little hannah joy. i can't resist sharing some of my favorite shots.

all of the sweet time with family and friends makes me teary eyed as i reflect upon God's immense grace in my life.

as far as the house goes, i felt a fresh burst of energy yesterday—in part because of encouragement from maggie to make a list and do things one at a time. we can do this!

here are some fabrics i ordered for the bedroom. the red fabric is for a headboard, which i need to work on tomorrow. the gray fabric is either for a roman shade or some pillow—or both, if i have enough.

we're off to a wedding tonight. enjoy the holiday weekend!