junk bonanza

this one is for you, erin!

on thursday, maggie and i ventured into the junk bonanza at canterbury park. it was a good time. i'm not sure either of use quite knew what to expect, but we each walked away with a few treasures.

we saw gaggles of springs, keys, knobs, and antlers, and assorted letters and numbers rescued from various sources.


maggie attempted to spell her last name but we couldn't find an s! of course there was jewelry and other knicknacks for the home. i almost bought the teal strand of beads, but maggie promptly reminded me i already own one almost exactly like it. so helpful!

i was tempted by these canisters. but they were plastic and almost $40. too rich for my blood.

maggie liked this ottoman. so lovely.

and this "flower" was made from an old softball!

maggie and i both loved these art pieces with the names of places around the twin cities.

but i think our favorites were these vintage british route signs. they were used as wall art, on pillows, and as fabric for upholstery. so cool. you can check them out here.

maggie bought some gifts (a clock and an old video camera) and i bought some schoolhouse flashcards to frame (abcs, vocab words, etc.). i'll post pics of them someday, when i get around to framing them, but don't hold you breath. :)

all in all, a good day!