a shower for niece-to-be

last thursday, me, my mom, and my sister threw a shower for lauren. she and dave are expecting their first baby—a little girl!—any day now (she's due the 17th).

unfortunately, the white balance must have been off on my camera, because many of the photos turned out very poor. i'm sharing some of my favorites that turned out decently.

for a gift, i sewed up some burp rags using instructions i found online (all about the google search—let me know if you want the steps and i can dig up the link). they didn't turn out perfectly (first time using bias tape), but i got a chance to use a new stitch on my machine.

we had an absolute blast putting together food, favors, gifts, a game, and flowers. it has been so sweet to think how God is knitting together this little one in lauren's womb. a big thank you to everyone who came. you are all blessings in our lives and we were so thankful for your presence at the shower!

as a thank-you, lauren gave me this gorgeous plant. i got a little choked up. she's so wonderful, and will be a great mom. can't wait to meet my little niece! we pray she will walk with Jesus all the days of her life and treasure Him above all else.