oh, aperture.

what a fun tool you are. you take my pictures from blah to cool!

check out the little running man. (i wonder if some people are getting sick of me snapping pictures of them all the time. this guy doesn't mind.)

super boring picture, right? i used a high aperture number, which actually means a smaller opening, to get a greater depth of field. but what a terrible background—who wants to see our nasty bushes? WE WANT RUNNING MAN!

so a lower aperture number (i think i used 4) equals a larger opening equals a smaller depth of field. check it out. RUNNING MAN IS A STAR!

blurred background, focus on the subject. much better.

but don't even ask about shutter speed—my mind will get boggled in two seconds. luckily, the AV setting automatically sets the shutter speed based on the aperture selected. whew. full manual is still in a galaxy far, far away.

i learned all this in my first free natcam class, digital slr 1, which i took on monday. the teacher flew through the material, but it was a great class and i have a lot of "homework." i had signed up to take digital slr 2 next monday, but i canceled to practice more. i think i will have a better understanding of the concepts if i have more experience. expect to see more running man! i think he deserves a name...suggestions welcome.