noticing good design

this is a box of matches. so simple and yet so lovely.

i think i first started paying attention to really good design in packaging after reading through some tom peters, recommended by ben, of course. i mean really, a ziploc bag is pretty amazing.

my sister-in-law, maggie, was in los angeles this past week and visited tom colicchio's restaurant. she told me she was bringing me back biscotti, and the matchbox came with it. those lowercase letters . . . that sans serif font . . . that orange . . . slam dunk, craft restaurant. gorgeous. thanks, maggie!

[p.s. it took me like thirty tries to get these shots—you must know i'm really into close-ups and select focus. i had to pull out the manual and try switching to manual focus, but in that last one, you'll see the focus is not in the center of the image. a mistake? creative license? i'm so excited to take my free nat cam classes later this month! now about that biscotti . . . ]