it's the final countdown

closet systems: up. [at least the preliminary arrangements. there's a collection of baskets, shelves, bars, and shoe racks to fiddle with.] mirrors: installed. electrical inspection: passed, as of 20 minutes ago. plumbing and final building inspection: "between 10 and noon."

we are planning to sleep in our new room tonight. no, we don't have window coverings yet. we'll get creative for the next few days and make do. but we're dying to get down there.

last night's storm knocked out our power and let me tell you, without fans, it was sweltering upstairs. i came down to the main level and sleep on the couch. so we're just really excited to sleep in our well-insulated, first-floor master suite.

i was also concerned that we wouldn't have power for our electrical inspection. how ironic would that be? but God graciously restored our power at 7:46 this morning. He is so good to us. what a blessing to have such a beautiful place to live. i must remember that this is not our eternal home. we're just pilgrims, sojourners, wanderers—we're just passing through.