red bull flugtag / birthday celebration

today we went to the red bull flugtag in st. paul. it was a perfect day for it. me, ben, kristen, maggie, wes, bert, and beki all attended the festivities at harriet island. most of the entries went straight down into the water, but one flew far—far enough to set a world record!

[lots of creativity and showmanship. and yes, those men were wearing speedos.]

 [wes was sporting a sharp new haircut, and beki reacted to a particularly painful-looking nosedive.]

we took advantage of the opportunity to celebrate beki's birthday (monday) by going to snuffy's afterward for burgers and shakes.

at dinner, beki asked us each to say our favorite part of the flugtag. my favorite part was getting out of the house to do something random, fun, and summery—especially with such great family and friends. what a blast!