a kiss to send us off

things will be quiet around here [the blog] for at least a week while ben and i travel up north for a relaxing week of...nothing. my coworkers asked me what books i planned to take along to the lake and i was embarrassed to admit i hadn't even thought about it. that's not like me at all. no time these days!

i thought i'd leave you with a few shots of our painted bedroom, which happened with the help and support of wes and maggie. pretty boring color—the color of drywall, actually—but i like its simplicity. it is revere pewter by benjamin moore, mixed at sherwin williams (of course!). we branched out and used satin instead of our usual flat. i know, i know, we're crazy!

ben's making a frozen pizza, then we're off to finalize carpet and buy some door knobs. out!