mitchell, sd

hello! did you have today off from work? we did. it's been a great weekend! we spent part of it in mitchell, sd. one of ben's high school friends, pete, was married in hawaii a few weeks ago and was having a reception mitchell. we had lots of car time (almost ten hours) and were eager to try the camera, but the subjects were limited.

we ate taco john's not once, but twice!

but things changed when we got to our destination, which is also home to the world's largest corn palace! yahoo!

the reception was on saturday night. we went over to pete's uncle's home again on sunday for a day on the lake. it was so much fun! they had these things called aqua scooters. they are kind of like the rocketeer in water. the guys also rode on segways, but i didn't get any shots of them. on the boat, pete, ben, me, and stephanie each tried wakesurfing. before long, it was time to hit the road. all in all, it was a fabulous day and a really great weekend with ben and friends.