favorite interior designers

i posted about new creations the other day. now it is time to talk interior design.

the following ladies are two of my favorite, favorite, FAVorite interior designers. i first read about their work in domino magazine, which unfortunately folded last year. i think they both use contrast in a really interesting way.

first up is mary mcdonald, who decorates commercial and residential spaces. she's gutsy. not for the faint of heart. lots of saturated colors and bold prints but plenty of white, too. i was able to grab a few images from her site. enjoy!

 [all images from mary mcdonald]

next up: windsor smith. a touch more feminine, delicate. glamorous, but still bold. she has a collection of furniture, rugs, and fabric, too.

 [above images from windsor smith]

 [above images from house beautiful

those last two are just gorgeous, in my opinion. i'm posting these images in part because i'm starting to formulate my design plan to furnish the living room, dining area, and our master. i've been dragging my feet, not making any decisions about how to move forward. we've saved some money for fill-in furniture pieces, and this is garage-sale season! we won't buy all new things. we'll mix and match to work with what we have. but we'll buy some new pieces, and before we do, i want to have a plan. so that's why i've been spending extra time compiling favorite photos to get ideas for how to proceed. hopefully, it will save us from making impulse purchases and wasting money. because those who fail to plan, plan to fail. :)