an evening at the foshay

are you in need of a date night? we were. it was my turn to plan, and i kept it a surprise. we started at california pizza kitchen. but that wasn't the best part.

ben has an interest in the foshay tower and its history. i read on abraham piper's blog that visitors can go up to an observation deck on the top of the building! i've lived in minnesota for 23 years and i had no idea. apparently, ben didn't either, because he was really confused when i drove him downtown, parked in a ramp, and walked into the w hotel. he told me later that he was worried i was taking him to a twins game! ha!

for $8 each, you get a special elevator key that allows access to the thirtieth floor. there, a small museum displays pictures, newspaper clippings, and documents relating to foshay, his companies, and his mail fraud trial. a staircase leads you up to the observation deck. you step out and...there it is! the city in all directions!

the weather was lovely and the wind wasn't too bad. the whole time i was up there, though, i didn't feel like i was quite with it—i didn't feel queasy, but i felt a little googley-eyed. the views are great. we saw target field, the convention center, brit's pub, and all the way out to the black dog power plant, which is near our house. we saw a wedding that looked to be in a little courtyard at the top of the [northstar?] hotel. [using the telescopes, ben could even determine that one guest had particularly strong tan lines.]

we had a good time, and i would recommend it. it's one of those cool things to do in the city that make you feel special.