even more thrilled.

today, our tile guy grouted the shower floor and installed the white 3 x 6 ceramics in a subway pattern on the shower walls. they still need white grout and the curb isn't finished yet, but it's taking shape! there was shrieking involved when i came home, and it wasn't ben. i think it looks great!

tomorrow, he'll lay the small hex tiles on the main floor and finish the curb. wednesday, he'll grout the shower walls and main floor and be done!

we also had our cabinetry delivered and installed today. here's a sneak peek (it's a little dusty):

we've had some ups and downs with both the cabinetry and the tile. we had planned to use a gorgeous gray-and-white marble tile as a thin "stripe" through the shower. i was seriously crazy about this tile—probably a little too crazy about it. ben picked it out, and i just couldn't stop staring at it in the store. you can see it in this pic—it's the tiny subway-style marble one on the bottom right.

we knew it was special order, but i placed the order with enough time to allow for shipping and transport. well, long story short, it was back-ordered until the end of july, which we found out rather late in the game. at first, i was really mad. i mean, i thought this tile was going to


our bathroom. then i took a step back, prayed about it, and realized it is just tile. really not worth getting mad about—in fact, it would be rather ridiculous to stay mad about it. so we went ahead without it, and i'm so glad we did. the shower walls look great just plain white. [we put in three white corian corner shelves. the low one is a shaving step.] i know God worked it out the way He did to teach me to let go and to remind me that this is all just "stuff."

we had trouble with our cabinets, too. they were supposed to be delivered last monday. we got home from work and they weren't there. when i called to check in, i found out there had been a miscommunication and they weren't scheduled to be delivered until july 1! eek. thankfully, we were able to have them delivered today, but once again, a lesson in patience and a reality check that this is really not that important.

we ordered a double vanity and a seven-foot linen closet in the corner. the wood has an espresso stain. of course, i thought white would be nice, but with all the white on the floor and in the shower, i thought the bathroom needed some contrast. we're happy with the dark color, but now we have to decide about those countertops...

getting there!